our Policy

Our Policy

Our human resources policy is to maximize the efficiency through the goals and direction that we established with our team mates and cover ground more systematically, moving our place in sectoral competition forward and increase and expand staff recruitment.

  • Ensuring assignment of the personnel through the analysis of qualities suitable for content and particulars of the job,
  • Strengthening the productivity policy by specifically filtering evaluations and criteria in the hiring process,
  • Bringing team spirit into the forefront within the frame of social responsibility with our existing team mates.
  • Having respect for the character and rights of the personnel,
  • Embracing the opinions and suggestions of the personnel and discovering what we can do together,
  • Presenting the coordination of the personnel with the work environment and the projections which they added or will add.
  • Examining the motivation and work environment of the personnel continuously and improving them,
  • Supporting and awarding the productive and result-oriented success.